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Wednesday, November 26th 2014 and Thanksgiving Schedule

Mobility: Ankles
No skill or strength – take adqeuate time warming up your box jumps and deadlifts then start the long WOD
Challenge: 6 Rd’s
Fitness: 20 minute AMRAP
Run 400 M, 10 Box Jumps (step down is fine, but I want you jumping up), 5 Deadlifts (should be moderately heavy – approx 70-75% of your 3RM)
Sport: 20 minute AMRAP
Run 400 M, 10 High Box Jumps (30/24), 5 Deadlifts (should be moderately heavy – approx 70-75% of your 3RM)
COMP Team: Invictus

Coaches “Plan of Attack” - PACE CITY! Heart rate should just be moderate nearly the whole workout. Push a bit in the last 2 minutes but the goal here is consistency not speed. The weight for the deadlift should not be intimidating. Following your run and box jumps you should be confident in walking right over to it and picking it up. Looking for perfection tomorrow folks!!!


Tuesday: Normal but 7:00 pm Class Cancelled due to ACF Community Thanksgiving Dinner
Wednesday: Normal
Thursday: Closed
Friday: 6:00 am, 10:00 am only
Saturday: Normal

We are…

Tuesday, November 25th 2014

Mobility: Glute Activation
Strength: 20 UB Squats, add 5 pounds from last week
Challenge: 50 Wall Balls
Fitness: 1:30 AMRAP w/ :30 rest (5 Rd’s)
10 RKBS, 10 Box Step Ups w/ KB, 10 Hanging Knee Tucks, 10 MB Chops, AMRAP Wall Balls w/ remaining time
Sport: 1:30 AMRAP w/ :30 rest (5 Rd’s)
10 AKBS (53/35), 10 Box Step Ups w/ KB, 10 Toes to Bar, 10 MB Chops, AMRAP Wall Balls w/ remaining time
COMP Team: Invictus

Coaches “Plan of Attack” - In order to get to the wall balls with any significant amount of time you will need to go unbroken on all other movements as well as move fast. Choose the weights and movements accordingly. If you aren’t making it to the wall balls, scale down the volume (8 of everything instead of 10).

GOBBLE GOBBLE PEOPLE! ACF Thanksgiving Dinner tomorrow at China House. If you haven’t already RSVP’d I fear its too late. We’ve reached our cap of 40 people. Look forward to seeing you all there!

Monday, November 24th 2014 and Weekly Preview

MOBILITY: Shoulder Internal Rotation Glute Activation Ankles Waistline! :) Hips
SKILL OR STRENGTH: Rope Climbs! Spanish, Russian, and Legless 20 UB Squats, add 5 pounds from last week No skill or strength – take adqeuate time warming up your box jumps and deadlifts then start the long WOD HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! We’ll see if HQ comes up with any fun post thanksgiving WOD’s. If they don’t, we will!
CHALLENGE: Back to Back Legless n/a 6 Rd’s HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!
FITNESS: “Pull and Push” 1:30 AMRAP w/ :30 rest (5 Rd’s) 20 minute AMRAP HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!
10 minute AMRAP of 5 Hang Clean and Jerks + 10 Burpee Jumping Pull Ups + 60 Single Unders 10 RKBS, 10 Box Step Ups w/ KB, 10 Hanging Knee Tucks, 10 MB Chops, AMRAP Wall Balls w/ remaining time Run 400 M, 10 Box Jumps (step down is fine, but I want you jumping up), 5 Deadlifts (should be moderately heavy – approx 70-75% of your 3RM) HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!
SPORT: “Pull and Push” 1:30 AMRAP w/ :30 rest (5 Rd’s) 20 minute AMRAP HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!
10 minute AMRAP of 5 Clean and Jerks (115/75) + 10 Burpee Pull Ups + 30 Double Unders 10 AKBS (53/35), 10 Box Step Ups w/ KB, 10 Toes to Bar, 10 MB Chops, AMRAP Wall Balls w/ remaining time Run 400 M, 10 High Box Jumps (30/24), 5 Deadlifts (should be moderately heavy – approx 70-75% of your 3RM) HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!
COMPETITORS: Invictus Invictus Invictus HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! Invictus

Coaches “Plan of Attack”- Choose a weight that will allow you to go unbroken. We’re looking for nice/clean barbell cycling. We didn’t prescribe a heavy weight bc we want to see how smooth you make lighter weights look! We’re taxing the same movement patterns 2/3 movements so it’s even more important to stay in good positions and rely on your technique.

We had 2 ACF birthdays this week! First up – Rebecca Requejo. A lot of people will remember Becca for two things: her strength and her ultimate frisbee skills. As ACF’ers, we pretty judge people solely on those two attributes so she’s the shit! Lol. All of us coaches love having Becca in class. She picks up on cues really well, is very attentive, and has a great attitude in both success and failure. So happy to have you at ACF, Becca! HBD – Your ACF Fam

Birthday # 2 is ACF newcomer, Ivo! A Sunday Funday enthusiast, Ivo has drank the CrossFit juice and then some. The guy is childlike in his passion for CrossFit. It’s really fun to be around and witness as many of us know what the start of a CrossFit journey feels like. Looking forward to seeing you continue to improve and fall in love with the wonderful sport and community that is ACF! HBD, Ivo! – Your ACF Fam

What does is take to become the Guardian of the Galaxy? CrossFit and Paleo dummy what else!!

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CrossFit fan Chris Pratt talks 80-pound weight loss

on beer-free Paleo diet 

Chris Pratt's 80 pound weight loss secrets: Low carb Paleo diet, P90X and CrossFit workouts

Chris Pratt Instagram

“It’s been a complete lifestyle change for about a year and a half now,” Pratt told Glamour UK. “I don’t drink alcohol like I used to, only eat very clean, healthy foods, and I spend at least an hour every day working out — a massive change in diet and physical activity.”

Chris said he now has more energy, feels happier and sleeps a lot better. Pratt, whose weight has fluctuated over the years for film roles, recently lost 80 pounds to get in shape for the sci-fi action flick, “Guardians of the Galaxy.”

Pratt, who previously got ripped to play a Navy SEAL in the 2012 drama “Zero Dark Thirty,” said he never realized how much his looks and body shape affected how he was viewed by film executives and casting agents.

“I think I was a little naïve when I first started acting, maybe 10 years ago, and didn’t quite realize the impact the way you look has on the people who are making casting decisions,” he said.

“I thought for a while I was going to find a career playing the fat friend, and that was totally fine. But doing ‘Zero Dark Thirty’ opened my eyes to the idea that I could be taken more seriously as a leading man character.”

Shortly after “Zero Dark Thirty,” Chris was cast as the swashbuckling adventurer Peter Quill in this summer’s blockbuster, “Guardians of the Galaxy.”

Beer-Free Low Carb Paleo Style Diet, P90X and CrossFit Workouts

To get in shape, Pratt adopted a low carb Paleo-style diet that eliminated processed foods and alcohol, especially his beloved beer. His workout routine included intense triathlon training (swimming, biking and running), weight-lifting, P90X and CrossFit workouts. Chris’ hard work resulted in a stunning 80-pound weight loss in six months.

“I did a training for a triathlon in terms of swimming, biking, running,” Pratt toldGreggenheim. “I also did weights and CrossFit high-intensity interval training, jogging and straight body-building: Pull ups, push ups, P90X. I did about four hours a day for maybe five months.”

The 6-foot-2 Pratt, who previously gained 60 pounds to play an obese lawyer in the 2011 comedy “Starbuck,” said his diet features protein, vegetables and nuts. “You have to eat protein,” Chris said. “You can’t have hash browns, or burgers, or anything fried. You can’t have carbs. You have to work out five times a week.”

Tim McGraw Credits Paleo and CrossFit for 40-Pound Weight Loss

Other celebrities who have dramatically transformed their bodies on low carb, Paleo-style diets include country superstar Tim McGraw, who credits Paleo and CrossFit for his 40-pound weight loss, and Joe Manganiello, who stays ripped with a low-carb Paleo diet, weight-lifting, and CrossFit.

The Paleo diet is an alcohol-free eating plan that emphasizes high-quality animal proteins, healthy fats, non-starchy vegetables, and excludes gluten, sugar, dairy, legumes, and processed foods.

The Paleo diet is the most popular diet around today, and has a huge celebrity following, including Megan Fox, who lost all her baby weight with the diet, and Kristin Cavallari, who lost 20 pounds in two months on the Paleo plan.


Thursday, November 20th 2014


Kipping –> Pull Up (use band) –> Toes to Bar –> Bar Muscle Up


Dumbbell Snatch


4 Rd’s not for time:

8 Alternating Dumbbell Snatches (55/35) (weights will be limited, choose what feels comfortable for you – some of you should go heavier)
8 Alternating Pistols (mod with box pistols or some surface to limit the range of motion)
8 Toes to Bar or 3 Bar Muscle Ups
1 Field Lap (200 M)

Awesome things are on the horizon, ACF. Bite down for these next couple of shitty weather weeks and you’ll be rewarded. Complaints about conditions are warranted and understandable. Please direct them towards me (Coach B) or Bladium management. I would like to reiterate that the lack of progress isn’t due to a lack of effort on ACF’s part.


Wednesday, November 19th 2014

We should see some rain tomorrow. 6am, 9:15 am, 12:00 pm we will definitely have an inside field available for use during that time so please come in! 5, 6, and 7 will be a bit more dependent on the weather. Have no fear – we’ll program you a WOD either way!


Turkish Get Ups

*Kettlebells are easy for you? Try a bar. Still easy? Throw some weight on all star!


2 Rd’s for time:

20 Burpees over a MB
1 Suicide Sprint on Field
20 Pull Ups

Challenge:Do the workout barefoot! It’ll reveal how much you rely on the protection of your shoes!

As always, click the headline to access the original source and additional content. Interesting stuff!

This website has been developed to provide an evidence-based resource for those interested in the biomechanics of different foot strikes in endurance running and the applications to human endurance running prior to the modern running shoe.

Harvard Skeletal Biology Lab

Daniel E. Lieberman
Madhusudhan Venkadesan
Adam I. Daoud
William A. Werbel

Collaborator Bios

In Daniel Lieberman’s Skeletal Biology Lab, we have been investigating the biomechanics of endurance running, comparing habitually barefoot runners with runners who normally run in modern running shoes with built-up heels, stiff soles and arch support.

Here is a summary of our findings, which we explain with the aid of videos and images in the following pages:

Our research asked how and why humans can and did run comfortably without modern running shoes. We tested and confirmed what many people knew already: that most experienced, habitually barefoot runners tend to avoid landing on the heel and instead land with a forefoot or midfoot strike. The bulk of our published research explores the collisional mechanics of different kinds of foot strikes. We show that most forefoot and some midfoot strikes (shod or barefoot) do not generate the sudden, large impact transients that occur when you heel strike (shod or barefoot). Consequently, runners who forefoot or midfoot strike do not need shoes with elevated cushioned heels to cope with these sudden, high transient forces that occur when you land on the ground. Therefore, barefoot and minimally shod people can run easily on the hardest surfaces in the world without discomfort from landing. If impact transient forces contribute to some forms of injury, then this style of running (shod or barefoot) might have some benefits, but that hypothesis remains to be tested.

Lieberman DE, Venkadesan M, Werbel WA, Daoud AI, D’Andrea S, Davis IS, Mang’eni RO, Pitsiladis Y. (2010) Foot strike patterns and collision forces in habitually barefoot versus shod runners. Nature 463: 531-5.

Bramble DM and Lieberman, DE (2004) Endurance running and the Evolution of Homo. Nature. 432: 345-352.

Please note that we present no data on how people should run, whether shoes cause some injuries, or whether barefoot running causes other kinds of injuries. We believe there is a strong need for controlled, prospective studies on these issues.

This website provides information on:

  1. Human evolution and endurance running
  2. Foot and lower limb biomechanics when running in shoes
  3. Foot and lower limb biomechanics when running barefoot or in minimal shoes
  4. Biomechanical differences between forefoot striking and heel striking
  5. Tools to help assess potential benefits of learning to forefoot strike
  6. Transitioning safely to forefoot striking barefoot or in minimal footwear


Tuesday, November 18th 2014

Mobility: Hips
Strength: 20 UB Squats, add 5 pounds from last week
Challenge: n/a
Fitness: 9 – 15 – 21
Goblet Walking Lunges w/ KB, MB Chops, Russian KB Swings, MB Cleans
Sport: 9 – 15 – 21
Goblet Walking Lunges w/ KB, MB Chops, Russian KB Swings, MB Cleans
COMP Team: Invictus

Coaches “Plan of Attack” - Fitness and Sport with the same workout today. Basic CrossFit movements, nothing tricky. Virtuosity is the goal – doing the common uncommonly well!

The army knows whats up! Click the headline to access the original source.

US Army Applies CrossFit to Prevent Injuries

Source: Wikipedia.

He’s a three-star General. President Obama selected him as Secretary of Defense Hagel’s senior military advisor. The Abrams tank is named after his father. As a young soldier, his nickname was “the natural-born killer.” He has two brothers; both are generals. When the Iraqi insurgency exploded in Sadr City in 2004, Abrams commanded three thousand troops at the center of the fight, just as his dad Creighton Abrams commanded American soldiers in the Vietnam War.

You could say Lieutenant General Robert Abrams has a distinguished biography. But one of his achievements has received little coverage: launching the mass adoption of CrossFit in the U.S. Army.

The Abrams Study: Does CrossFit Increase Injury Rates? 

In 2012 Abrams commanded the Third Infantry Division, based in Fort Stewart, Georgia. That year he began an ambitious program to train the Third Infantry Division’s soldiers in CrossFit. In the two years since, the division has committed around $1.2 million to put nearly 2,000 soldiers through CrossFit L1 Seminars. And the division has provided gear suitable for CrossFit workouts to every company-level unit.

Abrams intends to use CrossFit to overhaul the way the U.S. Army prepares for battle. He explained,

The goal behind the CrossFit method of training is to change the Soldier’s attitude towards PT. CrossFit is a functional approach to PT in order to prevent injuries performing daily duties. CrossFit will change you.

Abrams vs. ACSM

While civilian competitors to CrossFit warn of a “potential emerging” trend of CrossFit injuries, Abrams is using CrossFit toreduce the risk of injury. Who’s right?

The civilian competitors have no evidence. Abrams, in contrast, has access to reams of data on CrossFit’s safety. He’s put thousands of soldiers through CrossFit L1 seminars. Unlike Dr. Steven Devor, the Army tracks ALL of those trainees’ medical care. If a single soldier got hurt in a CrossFit L1, the Army would know. To our knowledge, not a single injury has been reported from a 3rd Infantry Division solider at a CrossFit L1 seminar. And the Army keeps signing up for CrossFit L1 seminars. In fact, the U.S. military is CrossFit Inc.’s single largest client.

Let me be clear: If the ACSM or NSCA were right, and CrossFit put US Military troops at a higher risk for injury than other physical activity, they’d be able to substantiate this claim with data from the thousands of US soldiers who have undergone CrossFit training. Yet the ACSM and NSCA have have failed to provide any data to support this claim, whatsoever.

A CrossFit L1 seminar at Fort Stewart in 2012.

The November 10, 2014 edition of the Army times interviewed Retired Command Sergeant Major Randy Ray who manages CrossFit Fort Stewart. That gym alone has hosted 31 CrossFit L1 seminars. Ray reports that “mostly it’s been a huge hit. The soldier’s love it.”

In the same Army Times article, First Sergeant Shawn Jarvis covered his experience as the “top enlisted leader for Headquarters and Headquarters Troop, 3rd Squadron, 1st Cavalry Regiment.” Jarvis’ unit does CrossFit every morning except Thursday, when they road march.  As a result, PT scores are up 7% unit-wide. Soldiers finish the PT test saying “Wow, that’s the easiest PT I’ve done all month.”

CrossFit Founder and CEO Greg Glassman addresses the 55th Air Wing at Offutt Air Force Base in Nebraska.

The Army Studies CrossFit

Big Army has caught on. The Army has commissioned a $2.5 million study testing 200 soldiers over 4 years at Fort Leavenworth. One group will do CrossFit at Iron Major CrossFit – the other will follow the Army’s Field Manual 7-22. Kansas State University professor Katie Heinrich is leading the research, with assistance from former Navy SEAL andCrossFit Seminar trainer Joe Alexander.

Some have speculated that CrossFit Inc.’s lawsuit against the NSCA will discourage further research of CrossFit. Not Heinrich. She’s learned from the mistakes that Devor and the NSCA made:

Basically the lesson learned is: Don’t make stuff up … When we have any type of injury, we’re going to track them and report it.

Heinrich’s not just an exercise science PhD. – she has a 2:58 Fran and has done CrossFit herself for over 5 years. And she’s already studied CrossFit outside of the Army. Like Abrams, Heinrich considers the fear-mongering about CrossFit-increasing injury risk a baseless fantasy:

We’ve already done other CrossFit studies — with kids, overweight and obese adults, regular adults, and even those with cancer … The only injury we’ve had is a single groin muscle pull. So we’ve been able to successfully and safely deliver this type of training program.

Monday, November 17th 2014 and Weekly Preview (Kinda)

MOBILITY: T-Spine Hips Shoulders Wrists Hips
SKILL OR STRENGTH: Last Day of Split Jerk Practice. Fitness – Find a heavy single – if you miss you’re done! Sport- Find a 1RM – you’re allowed 1 miss 20 UB Squats, add 5 pounds from last week Fitness – 4 Rd’s of :30 Static Hold on Rings (use band if needed) and 5 Pull Up Negatives (use box to get to top of Pull Up then lower self down as slow as poss) + banded strict MU’s. Sport – Banded Strict MU’s, Jumping MU’s, Progressions
CHALLENGE: n/a n/a 1 Strict MU
FITNESS: EMOTM for 12 Minutes 9 – 15 – 21
M1 – 30 Second Handstand Hold (mod feet on box handstand or plank) M2 – 8 Hang Power Cleans (115/75), M3 – 10 Box Step Ups and 50 Single Unders Goblet Walking Lunges w/ KB, MB Chops, Russian KB Swings, MB Cleans
SPORT: EMOTM for 12 Minutes 9 – 15 – 21
M1 – 30 Second Handstand Hold M2 – 8 TNG Power Cleans (135/95), M3 – 10 Box Step Ups with Slam Ball + 25 Double Unders Goblet Walking Lunges w/ KB, MB Chops, Russian KB Swings, MB Cleans
COMPETITORS: Invictus Invictus Invictus Invictus Invictus

Coaches “Plan of Attack”- The goal should be to go unbroken on everything. I would like you to pick a weight on the cleans that you can do in 1 set. Dropping the bar means you don’t get a point for that minute. With that said, challenge yourself.

Wednesday – Friday are currently left blank as it’s a bit dependent on the weather. My goal was to make this week a bit of a de-load week which is somewhat convenient as we may see multiple days of rain (deload week means less use of the barbell which makes going inside all the easier). Morning classes are no issue to accommodate during rain as we can use an inside field. Evening classes may get more difficult. Again, rain shouldn’t stop us for much longer – keeping my fingers crossed for us to welcome the rain come December!

Click the headline to access the full article and video. I found both arguments interesting and thought provoking. What are your guys’ thoughts on GMO’s?

Bill Nye the Science Guy has long been an ambassador for science to the television-watching masses both young and old, but most of the time it’s him doing the talking and the audience at home the listening.

On Nov. 5, a vast audience of Reddit users had the opportunity to participate in a “Ask Me Anything” segment with Nye (who released a new book last week), and once again the topic of genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in food came up.

Nye has become well known as an advocate for further, long-term testing of GMOs and clear labeling so that consumers can make an educated decision on whether or not to purchase foods containing them, as his widely-viewed video segment from 2005 at the bottom of the page shows.

During the AMA segment, Nye was asked by a pro-GMO commenter to explain his position 9 years later.

The commenter was hoping for a change of heart from Nye, but what he got was something entirely different.

 Nye Holds Firm on GMO Stance

The question to Nye about GMOs is as follows:

Hi! I’ve been a long time fan, and I’d like to ask about something a bit old. I work in plant science, and we have this controversy that is every bit as unscientific, damaging, and irrational as the controversies surrounding evolution, vaccines, and climate change, so I was thrilled to see there was an Eyes of Nye episode on GMOs…right up until I watched it, and saw you talking about fantastical ecological disasters, advocating mandatory fear mongering labels, and spouting loaded platitudes with false implication. You can see my complete response here, if you are interested, and I hope you are, but it was a little disheartening.

The commenter continues:

When I look up GMOs in the news, I don’t see new innovations or exciting developments being brought to the world. I see hate, and fear, and ignorance, and I’m tired of seeing advances in agricultural science held back, sometimes at the cost of environmental or even human health, over this manufactured controversy. Scientists are called called corporate pawns, accused of poisoning people and the earth, research vandalized or banned, all over complete nonsense. This is science denialism, plain and simple. That Eyes of Nye episode aired 9 years ago, and a lot can change in nearly a decade, so I want to ask, in light of the wealth of evidence demonstrating the safety and utility of agricultural genetic engineering, could you clarify your current stance on the subject, and have you changed the views you expressed then? Because if so, while you work with public education, please don’t forget about us. We could use some help (editor’s note: most mainstream media on GMOs is actually very pro-GMO and ignores key issues like rampant cross contamination, organic farmers footing the bill for problems caused by GMOs and much more). 

Nye’s response is below (you can view the full ‘Ask Me Anything’ thread by clicking here; be warned that it’s a long one), and he’s holding strong to his original opinion that GMOs are still understudied and highly capable of producing unknown effects, and that we still don’t know what the many unintended consequences may be:

Nye: I stand by my assertions that although you can know what happens to any individual species that you modify, you cannot be certain what will happen to the ecosystem.

Also, we have a strange situation where we have malnourished fat (editor’s note: he could have put that a little more eloquently) people. It’s not that we need more food. It’s that we need to manage our food system better.

So when corporations seek government funding for genetic modification of food sources, I stroke my chin.

Saturday, November 15th 2014


In Teams of 4 perform the following for time:

20 Wall Balls Relay (20/person) – if the ball hits the ground or you break rhythm – the whole team has to perform 10 burpees. Guys and girls use the same weight if on co-ed team.

500M Row Relay (500/person) – one member of the team needs to be in a handstand at all times – if at any point someone isn’t in a handstand – the whole team has to perform 10 burpees

10 Hang Power Snatch Relay (115/75) (10/person) – if the bar touches the ground – the whole team has to perform 10 burpees. Weight has to be taken on and off without bar touching the ground.

200 M Farmers Carry Relay (44) – if the KB’s touch the ground – whole team performs 10 burpees.

30 Double Unders Relay (60 Single Unders) – every time you mess up – whole team performs 10 burpees.

Remember Crew,

Annual Thanksgiving ACF Dinner at China House on Tuesday, November 25th, 7:00 pm. Please RSVP with Mary or Ben!



Friday, November 14th 2014

Mobility: Hips
Strength: Work up to an 80-85% Front Squat
Challenge: Sub 4 minutes
Fitness - For time:
45 Pull Ups (use band or jump), 45 Thrusters (95/65)
Sport - For time:
45 Pull Up, 45 Thrusters (95/65)
COMP Team: Invictus

Coaches “Plan of Attack” - GO UNBROKEN! Lol, just kidding. Even though nearly everyone from the CrossFit Invitational did just that. The goal is to make all reps attempted, meaning don’t go until failure. Really focus on using your hips for the thruster – drive that bar off of your shoulders then finish with a press. A lot of you who have pull ups should consider the traditional gymnastic kip, not the butterfly. Only butterfly if you have a good command of the technique. Though Fitness almost always does Ring Rows, I’d like you guys to try pull ups with a band or a jump.

ACF Birthday in the house! Big bad Brandon Rowe! All around awesome guy. Tons of fun to have in class. Takes instruction really well. And recently got his wife to join our community as well. Members don’t get much better than that! I remember when Brandon first joined, it was recently after we wrapped up the 2014 Open. Brandon wasted no time diving into our community. He joined a group of us in our trip to regionals – both days! 6 months later Brandon has his first CrossFit competition just this past weekend. He competed in the Autumn Throwdown and put on a hell of show! Can’t wait to see how you continue to progress, Brandon. Thanks for being part of our community! HBD!!! – Your ACF Fam

Brandon pictured on the left with his Autum Rookie Throwdown partner, Ant. “The Real Men of Genius.”

Thursday, November 13th 2014

Mobility: Wrists
Skill: Rope Climbs. POST WOD OPTIONAL CONDITIONING: Minute 1 – 100 M row, Minute 2 – 150 M row, Minute 3 – 200 M row, Minute 4 250M row, Minute 5 – 300 M row
Challenge: Clear 300 M row
Fitness - 3 Rounds not for time:
2 Wall Climbs, 2 Rope Climbs from the floor, 4 High Box Jumps
Sport –  3 Rounds not for time:
2 Wall Climbs, 2 full rope climbs, 4 high box jumps
COMP Team: Invictus

Coaches “Plan of Attack” - People will be starting the WOD at different times so hopefully rope access won’t be too big of a deal. Feel free to move on to the next movement in the meantime if the wait is significant. We’ve been spending a little more time than normal on our hands lately. The idea is that if you want to put heavy loads over your head, you better be able to control your own bodyweight first.

Click the headline to access the original source. I eat sauerkraut with my breakfast every morning it’s delicious!

The Amazing Healing Properties of Fermented

Foods H

Between the hard and fast dichotomies of cooked and raw, dead and alive, is this beautiful thing called fermented.  A place where many of the digestive challenges associated with raw foods (e.g. enzyme inhibitors, antinutrients, lectins) are overcome in favor of not just preserving their benefits (e.g. enzyme activity, vitamin content, life energy), but amplifying them. Also overcome are the adverse consequences of cooking, e.g. enzyme destruction, vitamin activity degradation, oxidized fats, denatured proteins, etc., while still benefiting from the enhanced digestibility and assimilation that certain cooking applications offer.  Fermented food is in many ways the complementary union of cooked and raw, as well as their transcendence – an image, not unlike the Tai Chi, comes to mind.

In fact, fermentation has almost heretical power in the realm of both medicine and nutrition, being quite capable of literally “raising the dead,” as well, revitalizing and infusing with living and breathing energy a food ingredient that has been cooked into oblivion, or, a human whose body has been poisoned close to the point of death with antibiotics, or similarly biocidal drugs or chemicals.

There is no lack of scientific confirmation for the indisputable value of fermented food for the promotion of health & wellbeing. In fact, one could consider fermented foods like kimchi, natto, apple cider vinegar, and even – in moderation – wine, coffee, chocolate and beer, ‘medical foods’ of sorts.  At GreenMedInfo we have been indexing these functional applications in disease prevention and treatment straight from the research housed on National Library of Medicine, and have found over 140+ diseases that may be prevented or ameliorated by their use.

Broad Range of Fermented Foods

There are a broad range of fermented foods we could look at to illustrate their power to heal. After all, every single culture on the planet used (not a semantic coincidence:) culturing to sustain themselves.  But for this short article we will focus on Asian traditional preparations, since there is already such a huge body of clinical researchdemonstrating their amazing health effects: 

  • Kimchi – a probiotic strain isolated from the fermented cabbage preparation kimchi known as Lactobacillus brevis is capable of degrading organophosphorus pesticides.
  • Kimchi – a probiotic strain known as Bacillus pumilus found within this fermented food is capable of degrading bisphenol A, a powerful endocrine disruptive chemical.
  • Miso – a fermented soy food has been shown, when consumed regularly, to reduce the risk ofbreast cancer in women by up to 54%.
  • Miso – capable of regressing colon cancer growth in the animal model.
  • Natto – A fermented soybean extract that has been shown to suppress plaque buildup (as measured by the intima media thickness) in the arteries in an animal model.
  • Natto – capable of contributing to nerve regeneration following sciatic nerve crush injury.

This is, of course, only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to illustrating the remarkable properties of fermented food. We encourage our readers to take a look at our extensive database on the subject of the health benefits of fermented food

An Entirely New Set of Nutrients

Another important point to make about fermented food is that it generates an entirely novel set of nutrients and medically important phytocompounds, in addition to what is found in the starter culture ingredients themselves.  This is not unlike what happens when we consume a raw or cooked food, and the beneficial bacteria within our gut go to work to break down antinutrients, or secrete enzymes we ourselves are not capable of producing, or at least not in adequate quantities.  There is something known as the food metabolome. It is that set of small-molecule metabolites of foods – numbering over 3,500 – that are byproducts of our organism interacting with food to produce novel new byproducts.  For example, flaxseed contains high levels of lignans, which once thrown into the fermentive crucible of our digestive process, are broken down into at least two important metabolic byproducts: enterlactone and enterodial – both which are phytoestrogens, and are largely responsible for flaxseed’s tumor regressive actions in estrogen sensitive cancers such as breast and prostate cancer.  These two compounds only exist in between the human organism and the flaxseed organism, and would not exist without the “third organism,” if you will, which is the vast populations of beneficial bacteria within our alimentary canal.

So important are these microflora to our existence, that some scholars have suggested we reclassify ourselves as a “meta-organism,” as we are a composite of a wide range of organisms – in fact, 10 times more numerous are these “other” organisms than our own cells. Indeed, as we discussed in a previous article, even our own mitochondria –the powerhouses of our cells – were once bacteria living outside of our bodies.

How to Ferment Veggies



Changes are Needed to Protect Fermentation

Ultimately, a return to fermented foods are a return to our own ground of being, and well-being. There are profound challenges that stand in our way, of course. The modern world nukes its food, yes, with literal nuclear waste.  We microwave, we cook, we fry, we dehydrate, we spray our food into certain death. And now new research shows that even the very food starter bacteria normally found within healthy soil are being decimated by Monsanto’s ROUNDUP herbicide glyphosate, which is destroying its microbial biodiversity and hence fertility. Certain regions of the world that have depended on these indispensable dairy-culturing organisms for countless generations now have none to be found.

So, we must hunker down. And work on cooperating locally to produce, and support the producers of organically grown food.  Sharing raw cultures.  Becoming intimately involved with the quality of the food we consume. And remembering that fermented food is one of the key, if not indispensable ingredients in attaining and maintaining optimal health. And furthermore, that one cannot separate out personal or human health from planetary health; they are, and always have been indivisible.














Wednesday, November 12th 2014

Mobility: Shoulders
Skill: Fitness – 4 Rd’s of :30 Static Hold on Rings (use band if needed), in between sets perform 5 Ring Rows with a 5 second negative + banded strict MU’s. Sport – Banded Strict MU’s and Jumping MU’s
Challenge: 1 Strict MU
Fitness: 14 Min AMRAP
200 M run, 15 Deadlifts (135/95), 15 Sit Ups, 15 Hand Release Push Ups
Sport: 14 Min AMRAP
200 M run, 15 Deadlifts (185/135), 15 Sit Ups, 5 Strict HSPU’s
COMP Team: Invictus

Coaches “Plan of Attack” - How fast can you run for 14 minutes straight? That’s how you should think about pacing this workout. Don’t sprint through any portion of it, just keep the same pace through. Choose a weight that will allow you to do the deadlifts in no more than 2 sets.

I didn’t get an opportunity to give Julie Nichols a birthday shout out yet but HBD Julie! Love how quickly you’ve hopped into our community and hit the ground running. All of us coaches are looking forward to seeing how you develop over these coming months and years. I would write more about Julie, her rocking personality, and her journey but she did a pretty good job of that herself on FB. ACF even got a mini shoutout in it! Albeit indirectly through the reference to spandex, haha.

Sitting here reflecting on my last day of my 35 year of life, I am feeling nothing but gratitude. How could not feel grateful for how far I have come, and what I have accomplished. I’m sober, and love it!! I have survived a life threatening disease, that is now in remission thanks to Paleo, and many surgeries. I have the best partner that gives me unconditional love, and is my greatest teacher. I have the respect and love of her 8yr son. I am doing what I love, and getting paid for it. I have a real relationship with my Father and family. Family is everything! I now do a sport haha I wear spandex!! This year was scary but so worth it. There is no reward without risk, push through the fear and live! Live life to max everyday, be afraid and do it anyway. Have faith, love without expectation, and help others. Life is blessing, not a burden. Thank you to everyone that has made me laugh, and loved me in this life. “