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Bladium CrossFit is a revolutionary fitness training program for everyone! The program consists of constantly varied functional movements (pushing, pulling, throwing, lifting, jumping, squatting) performed at high intensity. Click here for more information!

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Saturday 4/19/14

Masters Regionals Qualifiers Event # 2 or Event # 4

Your choice!

Event # 2



Squat Snatches (135/95)
Muscle Ups

or Sotelo’s category


Squat Snatches (115/65)
Chest to Bar Pull Ups

Event # 4

100 Pull Ups
100 Wall Balls (20/14)

or Sotelo’s category

75 Pull Ups
100 Wall Balls (14/10)


Weekly Preview

As expected, yesterdays post about the new program generated some excitement and some confusion. Hopefully this weekly preview will help clear the air and keep the excitement alive! I must give credit where credit is due and we got the idea of providing a weekly preview from our friend, Coach Raf, at CrossFit V16. Our hope is that this will allow all of you to schedule any extra strength/skill work around what’s happening in the week, as well as allow you guys to do some homework based on the WOD’s to come! Without further ado…

MOBILITY: Couch Stretch 2 min/leg Ankle and Hip T-Spine and Hamstring Shoulders Wrists
SKILL OR STRENGTH: 4X3 Tempo Front Squats – 5 seconds down, 5 second pause at the bottom, up fast (these should be light). Superset – 10 KB Rows/Arm in between sets (moderate load) Cardiovascular Endurance – 1 Mile Partner Relay – Split up however you would like. Plank while partner is running. 3X15 Banded Good Mornings. Find a 3RM Deadlift. Superset: 15 Sit Ups in between sets while building up to 3RM (45 total) Strict HSPU SPORT
CHALLENGE: n/a SUB 6:30 n/a 20 Strict Unbroken n/a
FITNESS: 21-15-9 10 Minute AMRAP For time: Not for time: 15-10-5-10-15
Goblet squats, ring rows, burpees 10 Russian KB Swings, 10 Box Step Ups, 10 Hand Release Push Ups 50 Double Unders, 40 Ball Slams, 30 Deadlifts (should be a weight you can do 3 sets of 10), 20 toes to bar, 400 M run 6 Rds – 5 HSPUs with 2 stacked ab-mats or 3 HSPU Negatives or 10 Strict Push Ups, 100 M suitcase carry. Buy out: 500 M row Hang KB Squat Cleans with 2 KB’s, Pull Ups or Ring Rows, 200 M run
SPORT: 21-15-9 10 Minute AMRAP For time: Not for time: 9-7-5-7-9
Front Squats, pull ups (gymnastic kip only, building strength), burpees 10 Hang Power Cleans, 10 Box Jump Overs, 10 HSPU’s 50 Double Unders, 40 Deadlifts, 30 Toes to Bar, 20 Pistols, 400 M run 6 Rd’s – 7 Strict HSPU’s, 100 M suitcase carry. 500 M buy out row Touch and go squat snatches, pull ups, 200 M run
COMPETITORS: Invictus Invictus Invictus Invictus Invictus

Friday 4/18/14

In honor of Sotelo’s Regional Workout release….


Event # 1

Find a 1RM Clean


Event # 3

3 Rounds for Time:

50 calorie row
15 HSPU’s
50 Double Unders


Thursday 4/17/14


Last Week of Overhead Squat on Technique Thursdays!

6 Weeks of focus. A lot of you will finish the cycle knowing you need to work stabilization and/or mobility but all of you have improved. Keep improving!

Pick assignment based on skill level:

Advanced: Find a heavy set of 2 touch and go squat snatches

Intermediate: Find a heavy set of 2 overhead squats

Beginner: Sit in the bottom of the overhead squat for as long as possible with bar (3 Rd’s)


4 Rd’s

30 Double Unders (90 singles)
10 Overhead Squats (mod with snatch grip push presses if cannot perform overhead squat)

Tomorrow Mary Sotelo’s regional work outs are released. The remainder of our week will feature those workouts. We’re in this together, Sotelo! Let’s do this! #teamsotelo


Wednesday 4/16/14


Deadlift with 7 second negative (work up to a heavy single)


2:00 AMRAP (5 Rounds with 30 second rest in between)

200 M run
10 Burpees
KB Cleans (53/35)

score = total KB Cleans

Click the headline to link to the entire article.

Coaching Education Approaches: Some Thoughts

on the Instruction of Weightlifting

Contributor – Olympic Weightlifting

Having been a lifelong follower of American weightlifting, I think I can safely say that interest in the sport is currently at an all-time high. Due to the years of efforts by factions within the NSCA and strength and conditioning communities, and the relatively recent rediscovery of the snatch and clean and jerk as exercise modalities by CrossFit, weightlifting has a higher profile and following than at any time I’ve been involved.


Even within the weightlifting community only a portion of that group had come to the conclusion that the actual performance of the lifts was addictive. Those of us within the pro-addiction faction have known for years that if more people were introduced to the proper performance of the lifts, they would become addicts and strong advocates. Thanks largely to CrossFit and to some other players, I believe there has developed a strong enough support of weightlifting for it to remain as a permanent part of the physical culture community of this country.


weightlifting, bob takano, weightlifting coaching, how to coach weightlifting


Tuesday 4/15/14


Rope Climbs

*challenge* back to back legless rope climbs



American Kettlebell Swings
Weighted Box Step Ups (hold KB anyway. Hold overhead if interested in a challenge)
Russian Style Sit Ups with Bar

Coach Adam now holds the BCF box record for 10 frames of Rowling with a total score of 7! Test this man for the juice!


Monday 4/14/14


Back Squat

Work up to a heavy set of 3



20 Minute AMRAP

5 Pull Ups
10 Push Ups
15 Squats

Great party today BCF. People tossed sand bags, people did muscle ups, and some people threw up, it’s what you call a success. This coming week is dedicated to Sotelo. If you don’t yet know, Mary Sotelo is our first BCF’er to move on from the CrossFit Open and has been named the 2014 BCF Athlete CrossFit of the Open. This Thursday, 4 workouts will be released that Mary must complete by the following Monday. Once we decide which order she’ll complete them in, BCF will be doing them with her. When one BCF’er has a battle, we all fight!




Saturday 4/12/14


Teams of 3

Accumulate 3,000 M on the rower
Accumulate 60 Clean and Jerks (155/105)
Accumulate 90 Wall Balls

*Each team member is at 1 station. Rotate every 45 seconds with a mandatory 15 second rest. Always begin the new round at the start of the minute. If one station is complete before another, you can double team that station (though only one team member can work at a time. For example: if wall balls are finished first, another team mate can assist in the C&J’s but must use the same bar so only one person does a rep at a time).


Cheyanne is doing her thing tomorrow, be there!

AND THE WINNER IS… You’ll have to come on Sunday to find out! There are 3 other award categories we’re giving out!


Friday 4/11/14





Alternating 1 Arm Russian KB Swings
Burpee Pull Ups (or Burpee Ring Rows)

cash out: 1 bldg lap

BCF Open Wrap Up Party and Award Ceremony this Sunday!! Party goes from 12:00 pm – 4:00 pm. We’re going potluck style so please contribute!


Thursday 4/10/14


Overhead Squat – if you have developed comfort with the movement, we want you working up to a heavy triple. If you’re still getting used to the movement, stay light and sitting in the bottom position. This will help with mobility and strength.


10 minute AMRAP

We will have a running clock, not everyone will start and finish at the same time. When you feel ready, go. Spend all class on technique if you never feel ready!

2 Snatch Grip Push Presses + 3 Overhead Squats (if you’re still struggling with the squat, do 5 Snatch Grip Push Presses)
10 Box Step Overs (or jump overs)

Can anybody else do this? Coach Cheyanne is too cool for school!



Wednesday 4/9/14


Turkish Get Up – 10 Singles/arm (work up in weight)


One of the original CrossFit benchmark workouts…



Deadlifts (225/155)
HSPU’s (mod with strict or as strict as possible push ups)

Cool Down:

1000 M cool down row, 800 mile run, or 5 minutes on the bike

BCF Bday but no picture… {trumbobe] wahhhh wahhh. Jacob Benz is the relatively new, tall, bearded, sweetheart of a guy in the 5:30 or 6:30 classes. He’s been known to party with the sunrise killas from time to time as well. Jacob brings a great vibe to class. He’s so happy and chill all the time, I imagine his life to be like this. leodecapAs an example, he’s going to Coachella Music Festival this weekend. He enjoys life. BCF’ers enjoying being around people you enjoy life! Have a great birthday, man! HBD – Your BCF Fam